+ 30 Letter Log Sheet - Download and print this log sheet to track your progress toward 30 letters.

+ Envelope Liners - Download, print, cut, and paste these fun envelope liners to add something extra special to your Write_On mail.

+ Addressing Stencil - Download and print this stencil to make addressing envelopes easy for all ages, or visit our friends at Lettermate to purchase a pre-made stencil.

+ Write_On Mailing Stickers - Announce your love of Write_On to the world with each letter you send! Using our downloadable sticker sheet, you can let everyone know that your letters are "Official Write_On Correspondence."

+ Official Write_On Badge - Help grow the Write_On movement this April with the official Write_On badge to share on your social media! It's a great way to keep yourself accountable if you're taking the Challenge while inspiring others to take up the letter-writing habit! Wear it proud.

+ Letter-writing Classroom Curriculum - Bring the 30 day challenge to the classroom with this Write_On curriculum geared toward 4-6th grade students. Lesson plan learning objectives include: handwriting, spelling, logical writing structure, creative thinking, and development of personal voice and writing style.


+ How to Hand Letter: For Beginners - This tutorial video was created by Made by Marzipan for Write_On partners Sakura. From familiarizing with the anatomy of letters to practicing different fonts and creating a lettering piece of art, this tutorial is great for ages 8+.

+ 10 Hand Lettering Enhancements Anyone Can Do - This tutorial from Every-Tuesday offers ten easy ideas for making your lettering more interesting like adding shadows, patterns, or faux calligraphy to your letters.

+ Cursive Lettering Tutorial - Brush up on your cursive lettering with this tutorial created by Michaela Yee (@littleislandletters) for Illustoria Magazine.

+ Letter Arts How-Tos: Hand Lettering & Calligraphy - Find more lettering tutorials and inspiration from Write_On partners, Sakura of America, on YouTube here.

+ Love Jac: The Workshop - A year-long online workshop geared toward helping people stay connected through sending cards. The $39 workshop includes three monthly videos, breakdowns of what it takes to get your letters in the mail, a concrete list to get organized, and a monthly check in.


+ Egg Press Cards - Egg Press designs, prints, and manufactures letterpress greeting cards to fit any and every letter writing occasion. During April, look out for special discounts and value packs for Write_On participants to help keep you stocked to complete the challenge and keep up your correspondence throughout the rest of the year!

+ Send More Mail - A treasure trove of vintage stamps (and one of our favorite Instagram feeds for drool-worthy letter-writing inspiration).

+ Mail More Love - A letter-writing kit featuring three letterpress printed cards, and a rubber stamp of “/30” to to keep track of your letters during the 30 day challenge.

+ Letters to My... Books - This letter-writing booklet series contains 12 prompted fold-and-send letters each. Letter-writing booklets come in various themes including: Letters to My Future Self, Letters to My Love, Letters to My Baby, Letters to Open When, Letters to My Mom, Letters to My Dad, Letters to Me, When I Grow Up, Letters to the Bride, and Letters to Open When.