+ Addressing Stencil - Download and print this stencil to make addressing envelopes easy for all ages, or visit our friends at Lettermate to purchase a pre-made stencil.

+ Write_On Mailing Stickers - Announce your love of Write_On to the world with each letter you send! Using our downloadable sticker sheet, you can let everyone know that your letters are "Official Write_On Correspondence."

+ Official Write_On Badge - Help grow the Write_On movement this April with the official Write_On badge to share on your social media! It's a great way to keep yourself accountable if you're taking the Challenge while inspiring others to take up the letter-writing habit! Wear it proud.

+ Letter-writing Classroom Curriculum - Bring the 30 day challenge to the classroom with this Write_On curriculum geared toward 4-6th grade students. Lesson plan learning objectives include: handwriting, spelling, logical writing structure, creative thinking, and development of personal voice and writing style.


+ How to Hand Letter: For Beginners - This tutorial video was created by Made by Marzipan for Write_On partners Sakura. From familiarizing with the anatomy of letters to practicing different fonts and creating a lettering piece of art, this tutorial is great for ages 8+.

+ 10 Hand Lettering Enhancements Anyone Can Do - This tutorial from Every-Tuesday offers ten easy ideas for making your lettering more interesting like adding shadows, patterns, or faux calligraphy to your letters.

+ Cursive Lettering Tutorial - Brush up on your cursive lettering with this tutorial created by Michaela Yee (@littleislandletters) for Illustoria Magazine.

+ Letter Arts How-Tos: Hand Lettering & Calligraphy - Find more lettering tutorials and inspiration from Write_On partners, Sakura of America, on YouTube here.

+ Love Jac: The Workshop - A year-long online workshop geared toward helping people stay connected through sending cards. The $39 workshop includes three monthly videos, breakdowns of what it takes to get your letters in the mail, a concrete list to get organized, and a monthly check in.


+ Social Preparedness Kit - Egg Press' Social Preparedness Kit (SPK) is a collection of complementary tools to aid in keeping in touch. SPK is designed to make sending a note easy. Each product in the collection seamlessly integrates into everyday life.

+ Send More Mail - A treasure trove of vintage stamps (and one of our favorite Instagram feeds for drool-worthy letter-writing inspiration).

+ Mail More Love - A letter-writing kit featuring three letterpress printed cards, and a rubber stamp of “/30” to to keep track of your letters during the 30 day challenge.

+ Letters to My... Books - This letter-writing booklet series contains 12 prompted fold-and-send letters each. Letter-writing booklets come in various themes including: Letters to My Future Self, Letters to My Love, Letters to My Baby, Letters to Open When, Letters to My Mom, Letters to My Dad, Letters to Me, When I Grow Up, Letters to the Bride, and Letters to Open When.

+ Hello!Lucky Monthly Card Subscription - Choose your desired number of months and receive three different mixed occasion letterpress greeting cards right to your door. The cards included are all new or best sellers to accommodate your favorite seasons, and come with prepaid matching envelopes stamped and ready to send.