We've compiled our favorite Reasons to Write from past years below.

+ To send a friend a recipe for a great day.

+ To create an artifact and capture a moment in time.

+ To send a sketch of your garden. It will never look exactly the same again.

To write to a kid to teach them how fun it is to receive a letter. Ask for them to write back so that they can have fun sending one too.

To write a former teacher to let him or her know what you remember about their class and what you’re doing these days.

To decorate the envelope.

To practice your penmanship, play with letterforms, and have fun expressing yourself on the page!

+ To send a letter with a fun activity in it (the crossword cut out? word search? A tic tac toe game with one square started?).

To congratulate someone on an achievement big or small.

To send a friend a recommendation for a book that you read, really liked, and think they might too.

+ To say the things that are difficult to articulate in person.

+ To ask an older relative to record a memory.

+ To leave a legacy--make it really good and your letter may live longer than you.

To write a thank you to the barista who always makes your coffee just how you like it.

+ To write a haiku about the recipient.

+ To send your favorite recipe to a fellow cook.

+ To keep a travelogue on your next trip and send the entire thing to one lucky reader.

+ To send a letter from your pet to a friend’s pet. 

+ To share a moment with someone you can't be with in person.

+ To send a letter in multiple parts - like a serial podcast or tv show where they have to wait for the next episode.

To send a self addressed stamped envelope with your letter so you get one back.

To send a handwritten “text" – a little note about your day, a one-liner, or a thought to a friend.

+ To try an experiment - to see what the US Postal system will deliver. A boomerang? A Potato?

To share a list of the best movies you’ve seen all year.

To write a casual invite. Please drop in for tea on Friday between 1-5!

+ To replace an old habit with a new one. Every time you think of biting your nails (for example), write a letter instead!

+ To send a mini interview! Ask a friend basic things you don’t know about them or fun things you’ve been curious about. 

+ To send a letter with a specific day of the week in mind – like a letter for a Monday where the envelope might say Open on a Monday only!

+ To send a note with an old photo you found – reminiscing about the time, place or funny fashion in those days.

+ To save the US Postal Service.

+ To send a re-thank you for a gift you received, have already thanked for but use so much you want to thank again.

+ To send a "thinking of you" note – example: listened to a podcast interviewing Mike Watt and was reminded of our college days.

+ To send a cheer up message– a note to a friend who has had a tough go of it lately.

+ To send a note to a business where you recently received great service.

+ To send a note to a child – they don't often get mail!

+ To send a note to an elderly person – related to you or not.

+ To send a letter to your roommate, partner, or spouse – someone who lives in the same house as you.

+ To send a letter to a friend you haven't seen in a while.

+ To send a letter to a friend you just saw to tell them how nice it was to spend time with them.

+ To write a nice note to teachers of all kinds: your kids teachers, your yoga teacher, an old boss who taught you something.

+ To send a note to someone you think of often (and you don't know if they know that you do).

+ To write a note to someone you admire from afar.

+ To write a note to your doctor or acupuncturist to thank them.

+ To send a clipping from the paper, article or horoscope.

+ To write a note to the mail carrier. How many letters do they get?

+ To write to someone who has moved or just gone off to college.

+ To write someone in the hospital or who's dealing with an illness.

+ To send a belated thank you – it's never too late.

+ To mark obscure holidays that don't have cards.

+ To record a remembrance and share a memory.

+ To write a company who made a product you like.

+ To send a letter to someone in the military.

+ To revive a correspondence with an old pen pal.

+ To write a letter to a foreign exchange student.

+ To write someone who isn't on Facebook.

+ To write a letter to your future self.

+ To write a letter to a neighbor telling them how much you enjoy their tree, garden, house.

+ To write a letter to a housebound senior and offer to lend a hand.

+ To arrange a puppy play date.

+ To write a letter with checkbox questions that can be filled out and returned.