Ten Ways to Make Your Mail More Fun + A Giveaway With Send More Mail

We are huge fans of Jaime Maddalena of Send More Mail's shop, so we thought it would be fun to have her offer up a few quick tips on optimizing your mail, AND host a giveaway to get you started! We'll be taking a week to pick 4 winners to each receive a surprise pack of stamps! See details at the bottom of the post. Check out Jamie's shop to snag your own stamps and follow her on Instagram @send_more_mail for inspiration. Thanks Jaime! -Hello!Lucky & Egg Press.


1. Think of repetitive patterns.  I used a rubber stamp to create lucky penny postcards.

2.  Paint on the back of postcards.  I like short words like Yes and OK.  

3.  Write (or type!) on unusual items: doilies, Christmas cracker tissue crowns, placemats from diners, maps, coasters, streamers.


 Mail from Phillipa Croft

4.  Use vintage stamps to make up the correct amount of postage to send a letter.  Combine stamps with similar themes or colors for a pretty collage on your envelope. Or repeat the same stamp until you have enough postage.


5.  Air mail envelopes.  Use them.  Often.  (With Superman stamps if possible!)

6.  Take large sheets of printed paper or gift wrap and cut it down to make your own stationery and envelopes.

Paper from The Regional Assembly of Text

7.  Learn to marble paper.  Then write on these beauties.

8.  Stitch hearts around sweet messages.

9.  Carefully turn an air mail envelope inside out.  Glue it together.  Love that those hidden patterns are no longer hidden.

 Mail from Phillipa Croft

10.  Tuck something like an old photograph or a childā€™s drawing inside.  Little surprises are the best surprises.

Calligraphy by The Lettering Studio

Drawing by my little friend Diego!


Tell us about your favorite piece of mail you've ever received! We'll pick four people to win a surprise packs (sneak peek below) of Send More Mail stamps! Be sure to add your email address so we can contact you!

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Post by Jaime Maddalena of Send More Mail for #write_on.