Halloween Printable

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s warm up our letter-writing practice  we dare you to! Hello!Lucky has created a free printable PDF for Write_On. All you have to do is print, cut, and customize with your own personal message. Directions and printable PDF below.


  • exacto knife or scissors
  • cutting mat
  • cardstock or printer paper
  • printer
  • A2 envelope if sending


  • Download our free Halloween Printable here.
  • Cut out along trim marks (2 per page)
  • Add your own personal message using the Halloween writing prompts below!

Writing Prompts:

  • Write a confidant to share a deep-seated fear you have, whether you think it is founded or not.
  • Write to a youngster to let them know what your all-time favorite Halloween costume was.
  • Write to someone who loves sweets and share your favorite seasonal treat recipe with them.