What is Write_On?

Write_On is a mission-driven campaign to promote joy, creativity, expression, and connection through hand-written correspondence. Write_On began in 2014 as a simple effort by Egg Press and Hello!Lucky to connect with our friends and loved ones.

What is the Write_On Challenge?

The Write_On Challenge is a call to action to write 30 letters in 30 days during April, National Letterwriting Month. Anyone can participate!

To inspire participation in the Challenge, we distribute limited-edition Letter-Writing Kits which include letterpress cards and a Sakura Gelly Roll pen. We also offer Reasons to Write and inspiration on our website, blog, e-newsletter and social media throughout the Challenge and all year long. Participants share their letter-writing adventures by tagging: #write_on, @eggpress and @helloluckycards.

Why should I get involved in Write_On?

In today’s fast-paced, media-saturated world, Write_On offers a path for slowing down and engaging with loved ones in a meaningful way, expressing ourselves, and noticing and savoring the present moment.  If you want to strengthen your letter-writing practice and connect with a community that is dedicated to positive, personal communication, please join us!

How can I participate?

Simply write a letter every day throughout the month of April - or as many as you can. That's all there is to it!

What is the Write_On Letter-Writing Kit?

The Write_On Letter-Writing kit contains 6 letterpress printed cards, designed by Egg Press and Hello!Lucky, with matching envelopes, a Sakura of America Gelly Roll pen, stickers, and a handy sheet for logging your letters. Kits are available for $10 in the Write_On shop while supplies last.

Due to customs and territory restrictions, Write_On Kits can only be shipped to addresses in the US or Canada.

What is the Write_On Party Pack?

We offer special Party Packs for those who want to host their own letter-writing event! Choose from 2 different Party Packs, catered to different audiences.

DIY Party Pack - For the crafters, creators, and makers, the DIY Party Pack has everything you need to host a letter-writing get together for 10 to kick off the Write_On Challenge. These packs come with a copy of Happy Mail from Hello!Lucky, an assortment of colorful Gelly Roll Moonlight pens, decorative stamps from The Portland Stamp Company, and supplies to get your mail art creativity flowing.

Letter Writers Party Pack - The Letter Writer Party Packs are perfect for shops, individuals, and organizations alike, and are packed with useful letter-writing tools, tips, and inspiration to host a Write_On party for 10, plus a few extra gifts that you can enjoy for yourself as the host, or use as party favors.

Choose the pack that suits your event best, and throw an awesome Write_On shindig! 

Due to customs and territory restrictions, Party Packs can only be shipped to addresses in the US or Canada.

When will Letter-Writing kits be available to purchase?

Write_On Letter-Writing Kits are available now, while supplies last! Visit the Write_On shop to order yours today.

Why don't you have a free option for kits this year?

This year we are asking $10.00 for each kit, as it makes it possible for us to make more kits to donate to schools, community programs and individuals who are otherwise unable to purchase writing materials for themselves and participate in the letter-writing practice. Charging a small fee for the kits will keep the campaign sustainable for years to come, allowing the impact of Write_On to continue to grow. That said, we want to work with you so that you can participate in Write_On, so please contact us.

Why are kits only available in the USA and Canada this year?

Unfortunately, high customs fees and shipping restrictions caused over 50% of kits sent internationally to be returned to us last year.  To keep the program sustainable we have decided to just ship kits to the US and Canada in 2018.  If you are outside North America and are willing to accept the shipping and customs fees with your kit purchase, then please be in touch.

I live outside of North America. Can I still participate in the Write_On Challenge?

Yes! We have loved seeing Write_On's international presence grow. We welcome our international letter-writing friends to join us in the campaign and take advantage of the tools, resources, and inspiration found on the Write_On website.

How long will it take my kit to arrive?

All kits and Party Packs are shipped via USPS from Portland, Oregon, and will take 3-7 business days to arrive to US addresses. We will ship kits throughout April or while supplies last. Your kit may arrive after the start of the Write_On Challenge, but remember, you can get started before it arrives.

Do I need to wait for my kit to get started?

Not at all! Start the Write_On Challenge by writing a letter on the first day of April, and continue throughout the month - that's it! Your kit will be useful whenever it arrives!

I’m a retailer, how can I bring Write_On to my customers?

Although Write_On is not set up for wholesale in the traditional sense, we encourage retailers to host letter-writing events in their stores. Write_On Party Packs are the perfect tool to host a Write_On inspired party! Party Packs provide hosting tips and tools (including 10 letter-writing kits!) so that you can engage existing customers and attract new ones. Plus, parties provide great visual content for Facebook and Instagram and showcase your involvement in the letter-writing movement! Share your party and letter-writing adventures on social media with #write_on and be sure to tag @eggpress and @helloluckycards. Please note: Letter-Writing Kits and Party Pack items are not intended for resale. 

For more information on how retailers can use the Party Packs to throw an awesome Write_On event, please see this special Party Pack FAQ page!

Do you have a special program for nonprofits and the people they serve?

We believe everyone should be able to access the power of the written word via letters, but at this time do not have a program specifically for nonprofits.

I’m an educator. How can I bring the Write_On Challenge to my school?

Take the Write-On Challenge this April with your students, and write 30 letters in 30 days! We have assembled a list of resources for teachers and educators here. Be sure to share your classroom’s letter-writing adventures on social media with #write_on and be sure to tag @eggpress and @helloluckycards.

My business would like to donate products or cross-promote on social media. How can I do this?

We are so happy to hear the Write_On mission speaks to you! However, we are unable to accept product donations or collaborate with other businesses at this time. Although the Write_On brand is trademarked, you are welcome to use #write_on, and be sure to tag @eggpress and @helloluckycards, to share your participation and express your alignment with our mission across social media.

What are easy ways to support the Write_On Mission?

  • Participate in the Write_On Challenge each April.
  • Subscribe to our Write_On e-newsletter to receive monthly tips to strengthen your letter-writing practice throughout the year, and to receive early access to our Letter-Writing Kits.
  • Encourage your friends to participate in the Write_On Challenge.
  • Purchase Write_On merchandise.  All proceeds from the sale of Write_on merchandise, including Letter-Writing Kits and Party Packs, boost our programming and ensure writing kits are available to people of all means.

Why did Egg Press and Hello!Lucky start Write_On?

Write_On began when Egg Press Founder Tess Darrow realized that, despite having a studio full of beautiful greeting cards, she wasn’t devoting as much time as she’d like to correspondence. In 2014, she challenged to herself to write 30 letters in 30 days, about the amount of time it takes to develop a lasting habit.  Tess invited the entire Egg Press staff as well as the co-founders of Hello!Lucky, Eunice and Sabrina Moyle, to join the fun.  They all agreed that connecting to loved ones through a strong letter-writing practice was a great way to affirm their founding principles. What started as a humble effort has grown into a global movement. The Write_On Challenge is now in its 4th year.

Who are Egg Press and Hello!Lucky?

Egg Press and Hello!Lucky are both small, independent, women-owned letterpress greeting card and design studios. Egg Press was founded by Tess Darrow in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. Hello!Lucky was founded by sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle in 2003 in San Francisco, California.  Both businesses share a love of design, hand-written communication, and hand-crafted, high-quality, locally-made products. Their products can be found in independent bookstores, stationery boutiques, and larger retail outlets worldwide.