Letters are part of how we express the inexpressible, letting someone know, with the help of a single image or a phrase, that we're thinking about them. We believe that some of the hardest things to say are the things most worth saying, and that letter-writing can be a great way to start.  

We're inviting folks across the country to share the things that matter most with the people who matter most to them, via a series of events throughout National Letter Writing Month in April. We're creating a video montage of people reading handwritten letters to be shown at our events.

You may choose to read your own words to a loved one, a letter you've received that really meant something, or words of someone who has inspired you. You can submit video or audio recordings, or you can send us a snapshot of the letter and we’ll read it for you. Here, you'll find a series of writing prompts you can use as a starting point: Use them or create your own -- it's entirely up to you. There's no right way to write a letter. Let your creativity run wild.

Next, see our tips and tricks for shooting a video. When you're ready to submit, please fill out the form below. Once you have accepted the terms, a link to our Write_On Dropbox folder will appear. We hope to see you at one of our events, and possibly on the big screen!



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